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Monday, March 9, 2009


“Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny” ~ Thomas Jefferson“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” ~ Joseph Stalin“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” ~ Abraham Lincoln“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” ~ Vladimir Lenin
“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.” ~ George Washington“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke “In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell“I never gave anybody hell! I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.” ~ Harry TrumanThe following is a fictional narrative of what could be or might be. While perhaps extreme, I doubt anyone would disagree with or discount the potential for some or all of these events to occur. Though none of us wishes for chaos, anarchy or bloodshed, we are only fooling ourselves if we ignore the course of current events.
Tipping PointSummer, 2009 – World financial markets and major corporations are collapsing under a wave of private and state-bank failures in Europe, the UK and the US. Asian markets are woefully anemic and many are teetering on insolvency. Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil, buffeted by a depressed oil market, have been forced to slash social services. In response, violent riots are daily occurrences. Hundreds are detained, dozens killed and maintaining order is slipping away from the overwhelmed governments. In Europe, France, the UK , Spain, the Netherlands and Italy have been forced to declare dusk to dawn curfews to curb violent demonstrations. In particular, France and Britain are the hardest hit due to high social services obligations and large Muslim populations taking advantage of the turmoil to agitate for more power within both governments.In the U.S., national unemployment has pushed ABOVE 10% and in California it’s over 15% and by all indications will rise to all time highs reached during the Great Depression (20%). Unable to stop the hemorrhage of citizens leaving the Golden State due to job losses, suffocating taxes and a devastating drought which has crippled its agricultural base--plus a demand for social services the legislature refuses to consider cutting--Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declares the state officially bankrupt: The world’s eighth largest economy is officially in default.
And So It BeginsFall, 2009 – Illegal immigration fueled by rival gang and drug cartel wars along the U.S. / Mexican border has reached epidemic proportions with Arizona and Texas calling up the entire Army National Guard to protect its borders. California begs for federal assistance, but the ACLU sues in federal court claiming federal assistance is excessive, unwarranted and the governor improperly requested help. Unable to control the raging border violence which has spilled across the border into San Diego, the California National Guard is mobilized to assist in protecting the city’s citizens. President Obama pleads for calm, but offers no federal assistance (fearing his leftist-base's anger at using force to stop the unrest). New Mexico’s governor quietly mobilizes its state’s national guard along its border but little notice is paid by the media.

In the wake of overwhelming chaos and lack of leadership in Washington, seven Southern States—Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina—plus Wyoming and Montana officially file secession legislation in their respective legislatures if a companion of bills pending in Congress passes. The first bill would end-run the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution by allowing the president to seek third and successive terms if congress deemed the country’s economic and national security situation were “serious and consequential”. Determination for such circumstances would be the sole responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief. Essentially, the president could merely invoke the trigger of the amendment by executive order and run for a third term of office.The second bill would grant the President extra-constitutional powers during periods of “grave” national crisis, thus federalizing all state National Guard units, state and municipal bureaucracies, and manage all media outlets. Though congress would have the option to repeal this control at any time according to the bill, opponents, most media types and even some supporters (quietly) doubt it would be so easy.
Burn Baby BurnSpring / Summer, 2010 -- Both bills pass the House and Senate. Vice President Joe Biden casts the deciding vote. All Republicans in the House and Senate walk out and refuse to participate in any future legislative activity (including—surprisingly—Senators’ Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter). In response to the vote, all seven legislatures plus Montana and Wyoming vote to secede from the United States of America. President Obama immediately retaliates by invoking his newly created power and federalizes the states’ Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine National Guard Armed Forces for all 50 states. Protests break out across the nation. Gun ownership—already difficult—is made nearly impossible by a Presidential executive order suspending all gun AND ammunitions sale; including gun shows and private exchanges.Long simmering racial tensions—fueled by gas and commodity shortages, and exorbitant prices driven by runaway inflation—explode in Miami, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston and dozens of smaller cities. Governors and mayors in the affected states and cities declare martial law and install dusk to dawn curfews. Hundreds of civilians and law enforcement officers are injured—including over a dozen killed—in the uncontrolled rioting.Several high ranking Pentagon generals and admirals resign in protest of the congressional vote and declare the President in contempt of the constitution and guilty of high crimes and treason. The Obama administration has the Generals placed under house arrest and ordered to cease ALL communication with the media. White House vetted censors are placed within all media outlets. Fox News refuses and the government immediately blocks its satellite links and shuts down internet domains. Popular conservative talk-show hosts are forbidden to broadcast—particularly Rush Limbaugh—who is placed under house arrest and forbidden to talk to the media.As the severity of economic depression both quickens and worsens, wave after wave of violent and uncontrollable riots spread across the U.S. Several other states join the original nine secessionist states and declare independence. Obama orders all military stationed abroad to immediately return to the U.S. to bring “order and unity” back to a quickly fracturing U.S.A mass arrest of senior military officers is ordered by Obama after the Secret Service and FBI allegedly uncover a high-level military plot to remove him from office. To enforce loyalty, Obama has hand-picked political loyalists appointed to the Pentagon to monitor all troop movements. Senior military officers not arrested are threatened with imprisonment if they defy the president. Secret Service and FBI personnel are also attached to monitor the Pentagon, CIA and other intelligence and federal police agencies.As essential services across the U.S. spiral to a standstill and race riots and counter riots intensify, Obama further clamps down by ordering the governors to use all necessary force to stop the violence, including “unrestricted” use of lethal force. Several governors refuse and in reaction, civilian militia groups form to counter heavy-handed federal activity and maintain local order.Taking advantage of the chaos, Iran declares the “Jewish state” must perish immediately and calls on all Muslims to become martyrs by invading Israel. Iran backs up its declaration by firing two nuclear tipped missiles at Israel Both are intercepted by state-of-the-art patriot ground to air missiles and Israel immediately retaliates by exploding high altitude nuclear devices (EMPs) over Iran and Syria. The result is a complete and total meltdown of everything that operates electronically. Iran and Syria are completely defenseless and Israel takes advantage of the situation. Within 48 hours, Israeli fighters and bombers have degraded the military capability and infrastructure of both countries to rubble. It’s estimated it will take 10 years or more to rebuild the countries.
In retaliation, the UN convenes an emergency meeting and demands—in an extraordinary action—that all member nations not only boycott Israel, but the Security Council take up resolutions that would in effect place the world body at a state of war with Israel. Obama’s UN representative advises calm and reason, but does not reject or protest these resolutions. In fact, she criticizes Israel for “excessive and unwarranted” actions in defense against the Iranian provocation.
Return of the JediSpring / Summer, 2011 – Civilian militia groups loyal to secessionist states begin to increasingly—and successfully—confront military units loyal to the Obama administration. These militia groups are often lead by state and local police officers (including federalized military deserters) with substantial military training. As these armed clashes increase in number and ferocity, the Obama administration orders the military to clamp down on “unpatriotic forces” by imprisoning local leaders and quarantining cities and towns that support the freedom fighters. Obama cites Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus as his precedent.Rumors of massacres and abuses by Obama’s forces circulate in dissident internet traffic, but are not officially reported by the media. In retaliation, heavily armed and well-trained secessionist units begin a campaign of successful hit and run attacks to demoralize and frustrate Obama’s nationalized army. Captured federalized officers are forced to confess atrocities—subsequently broadcast on a heavily censored internet.As Obama’s unfocused attention is split between a Middle East in the throes of all out war, Russian expansion back into Eastern Europe, the Baltic's and southern Europe, and Chinese opportunism against Taiwan, he prepares to attend a conference to seek foreign support to maintain domestic and regional order. In the wake of this unprecedented disorder, nervous administration allies secretly reach out to active and retired military officers. Despite intense Secret Service and FBI scrutiny, a plan is hatched to end the chaos and remove Obama and his administration.A heavily armed presidential security caravan departs the White House headed for Andrews AFB where Obama will board Air Force One for the conference. After all White House personnel and security are loaded and Air Force One is prepared to take off, there is a sudden and violence-free takeover of the air traffic tower. The tower takeover is immediately followed by the sudden emergence of four Apache helicopters from behind two idle hangers. The Apache’s are bristling with laser guided missiles locked on Air Force One and the escort F-15s. With no time to react or negotiate as the Apache’s computer-guided missile systems impatiently ping Air Force One and the surprised F-15s, the tower orders Obama to depart AFO immediately or the Apaches will fire. With no time to negotiate or compromise, Obama is forced to deplane. He reluctantly walks to the bottom of the ramp where a black SUV whisks him away. Two buses pull to within a short walking distance from the ramp of AFO to accept the Secret Service, FBI and White House personnel. Reporters are ordered to remain on the aircraft while patriot forces board and interrogate them.Back in DC, the Vice President and his security detail are ambushed and overwhelmed after leaving a speaking engagement. Unfortunately, though more violent and bloody than the capture of the president, the Veep is secured as well.On vacation in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi—third in line for presidential succession—is alerted to the putsch and feverishly tries to organize an armed escort back to DC. Her chief of staff is told that if she leaves SF, her plane will be shot down. Military advisors confirm this and advise the speaker not to attempt a return. The Speaker is also cautioned to cease all legislative activities and not to resume her duties—or she will be stopped by any and all means. Forth in line for the presidency—Hillary Clinton—is also notified of the revolt while on official mission in the Middle East. After consultation with the Secret Service and her military attaché, she is advised not to return to the States. She is told that all incoming international air traffic has been stopped and ALL aircraft entering U.S.airspace will be considered hostile and shot down. Secret Service and intelligence services attached to her detail confirm this.
Meanwhile, military forces in the U.S. suspend national legislative activity, but request that state and local activity continue unrestricted. Media restrictions are lifted, but some media outlets are cautioned that they risk censor if they engage in promotion of the Obama administration or its policies. Israel is advised to mop up its operations in Iran and Syria but not to engage in further military activity. U.N representatives are ordered to their home countries immediately with no time-line for return.
All 50 states are ordered asked to send representatives to Washington to debate the future of the U.S. amid historic and nearly uncontrollable chaos. Against this backdrop of strong regional differences, ideological fissures, and U.S./ Mexican border turmoil (aggressively combated by army and civilian militia forces) several petitions are offered that would essentially break the U.S. into semi-autonomous regions. Beyond this series of scenarios, no one can theorize what might happen, but today’s headlines no doubt leave open the very real possibility that any or all of these events might come to pass. Let us hope and pray that we navigate these dangerous and unchartered waters of unfolding events safely to a desirable end.

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